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1. Join the PA. This is the most important! This will allow you to compete as an individual and on our team. You compete with runners in your age group (under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, etc), so it’s not all about the team. Make sure you enter the Excelsior club number (113). Note that membership is for the calendar year but if you register after November, the membership carries over to the following year. Here is the link:

2. Club membership: Also based on calendar year but usually carries over to the following year by mid-year. The membership fee just allows the club to operate during the year (singlets, tax filing, USATF costs). With club membership, you get a racing singlet or techT, a discount at our sponsor’s store (A Runner’s Mind), invited to club awards, comp entries when volunteering at our three club races (Reach for a Star 5k, Star City San Bruno Mountain Half Marathon, Excelsior XC Challenge), Xmas Relay entry, and possibly some sort of kick back for other USATF races IF there is enough excess club cash flow by the end of the year.

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